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Do I need to be a member of a car club?
To enter the Parade or Show and Shine events you do not need to be a member of any club, however if you happen to win a category which you have entered, the points allocated to that winning entrance will not count towards any team awards associated with the Hay Mini Nationals.
To be able to enter the motor khana you need to be a member of a CAMS affiliated car club, however spectators are more than welcome!

Do I need a CAMS licence?
In order to compete you will need to hold a current CAMS licence.
You only need a Level 2 Non-Speed licence which is around $65.

What does my car need?
If you plan to enter the Show and Shine, then your vehicle needs to be registered and driven in the parade to be eligible to win any awards.
If you’re entering the motorkhana your vehicle doesn’t need anything special. Essentially as long as it’s road registerable then you should be right, however you are advised to read the Supp regs for detailed requirements. (Mokes are required to have approved roll over protection).

How do I get there?
There’s no set travel plans to get to Hay, your local mini club may have a convoy of people going to Hay. Traveling in a convoy is a great safe way to travel and if you each have a UHF radio the time passes very quickly. Most people travel to Hay on the Friday and come home on the Monday.
There’s still a few people who drive there mini’s to Hay, however these days most people trailer their Mini / Moke

Do I need a Mini to come to Hay?
Absolutely not!

What’s all this about Vanguards and Bowlers?
During the Queens birthday long weekend there’s also a Vanguard meeting and a lawn bowls tournament. These are in no way associated with the Hay Mini Nationals, or the Mini Club of SA.

Where do I stay?
There’s no set place you should or shouldn’t stay while in Hay.
Accommodation fills fast, but heres some places you might like to try:
• Bidgee Motor Inn (02) 6993 2260
• Sundowner Inn Hay (formerly Bishops Lodge) (02) 6993 3003
• Golden Chain Nicholas Royal Motel (02) 6993 1603
• Highway Inn Motel Hay (02) 6993 2102
• Saltbush Motor Inn (02) 6993 4555
• Hay Caravan Park (02) 6993 1415
• Hay Plains Holiday Park (02) 6993 1875
• New Crown Hotel (02) 6993 1600
• Outback Quarters (Motel Hay) (02) 6993 1804
• Cobb Inlander Motel (02) 6993 1901

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